USA Verizon iPhone / Samsung / LG/ HTC IMEI Cleaning Service


All Samsung and LG and HTC models are supported

 Turn your barred or blacklisted Verizon USA iPhone IMEI into clean.

This service will NOT unlock your Verizon USA iPhone.

  It will only make its IMEI clean.


 All financed IMEIs / accounts will still be financed.

 We clean only IMEI and not the account status. 

 Any debt and/or contractual obligations with Verizon will NOT change.

Fraud IMEI's are not supported and will issue a store credit refund to use another Imei.

Iphone IMEI unblock service:

Service may take from 5 to 12 business days.

No refund if:

  1. we process your order (usually 10 min after you place your order)
  2. you provide a wrong Imei number
  3. if your phone is already unlocked
  4. if you provide a wrong carrier

Q - Do I need to send you my phone?
A - No, send us your imei number with your order

Q- My phone is blocked and cannot use any Sim card, is this will help?
A- Yes after cleaning you will be able to use any sim card

Q- My phone is blocked because there is a balance due and I cannot afford to pay my bill and want to switch to another carrier, is this can help?
A- Yes you will be able to use other carriers using the Verizon network

Q- How can I use other carrier if my phone is blocked by Verizon and blacklisted by all other carriers?
A- Once we clean your Verizon phone, you'll see that other carriers Worldwide will show clean and ready to activated.
     means your phone will not show blacklisted anywhere.

Q- Is this service permanent?
A- Yes its permanent.

Q- What do you mean by Fraud Imei number?
A- Its simply stolen phones and reported to the police.

Q- My phone is not stolen but reported stolen, can I use your service?
A- We understand that reported lost/stolen doesn't mean that your phone is stolen.
     If you are the first owner or you know the previous owner or you know the history of this phone so go ahead and place your order.

Q- Do you offer a better price if I have more than one phone to order?
A- Sorry, same price for any quantity of orders

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Turn your barred or blacklisted VERIZON USA iPhone / Samsung/ LG/ HTC IMEI into clean - not unlock service

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